I look at my family’s eating from a number of perspectives…

As a mom, as the wife of a soldier dealing with the after-effects of a combat TBI, as a woman dealing with an adverse medication reaction that resulted in a 50 lb weight gain…

Growing up, our home was the kind that revolved around the kitchen. It was where we got ready for the day, discussed homework and school with mom, put together an evening snack. Quality family time often happened around a mixing bowl. More than fond memories, I took away from those times a comfort with raw food and cooking.

As I’ve researched and experimented with various approaches to food and nutrition, I keep coming back to a few simple basics:

  1. Starting with the high quality raw ingredient gives me the best chance to eliminate potentially unhealthy additives and chemicals.
  2. Planning and organization can make the more nutritious real food easier to get on the table and reduce the temptation to resort to the more convenient packaged and fast food options.
  3. It is okay to do the best I can, even if it’s not a “strict” following of the expert’s recommendations.

I want real food that fits into my every day, and I hope that you’ll find inspiration here to incorporate a more thinking approach to the food on your family’s table.