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Weekly Menu- Whole30 Week 2

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Now that I’ve muscled past the blahs and tiredness of Days 2-5, round number three of Whole30 is looking up. It is SO much easier when I’m not having to cook non-Whole30 dinners for my husband. The funniest part has been realizing that aside from dairy and the occaisional sandwich, my 4 year old’s diet is already pretty on the money- his favorite snacks are fruits and veggies, he loves salad, and he can always be counted on to the protein in a meal.

For week 2, I’m adding back more of my workout- I just didn’t have the energy in week 1- so I’ve included more sweet potato, mostly at lunch which I eat shortly before going to the gym.

 Whole30 Grocery shopping

Curious what it costs to eat like this? Including all of my produce for the work, all of my protein except the steak (which I have in my freezer), some odds and ends for my son’s lunches, some spices I finished (about $12 worth) and a couple household items, I spent just under $100. I generally grocery shop once a week with some carry over on my staples- salad makings, sweet potatoes, frozen vegetables and coconut/almond milk. Typically, I spend between 75 and 85 on just food (not counting household items) for my son and I (my husband is off being Army strong at the moment). When I’m not doing a whole30, I spend about $60 a week, sometimes less if I’ve gone to Sam’s Club or Costco for my produce.

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**I plan a handful of  breakfasts and lunches for the week and rotate. I choose 6 meals a week, plan on leftovers one night and choose the morning of based on our schedule and what I feel like having**


egg scramble (with whatever vegetables

taco omelet



Cauliflower Leek Soup

Sweet Potato Hash

Crockpot Chicken and Sweet Potato

Chicken and Avocado Salad


Shepard’s Pie

Zucchini Crust Pizza

Tuscan Chicken Soup

Roasted Chicken with roasted broccoli

Brussels Sprouts Stir Fry

Steak and Salad (with fries for my little one by his request)

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Weekly Menu- Aug 19th

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We’re settling into our new routine here in Texas. My little guy doesn’t start school for another week and I’m planning on taking things easy this week and enjoying my time with him. We have some crafts and park visits and gardening on the agenda. This week’s menu includes some of my husband’s favorites so there is a little more starch than I normally aim for. I’m also experimenting with a couple recipes to see how they do in the slow cookers. I have a good bit of produce in my fridge from last week so that’s determined a couple of these dishes.

When I plan my menus, I pick a couple of breakfasts and rotate throughout the week. Dinners with “vegetable” listed are usually roasted or steamed frozen vegetables. I buy them when I find them on sale and have stacks in the chest freezer.


broccoli egg muffins

hard boiled eggs

fruit and yogurt


deli turkey roll ups

green salad with roasted tomato vinegarette

roast beef with sliced veggies and tomatoes


slow cooker chicken cacciatore with green salad and vegetable

eye of round with oven roasted potatoes and maple carrots

slow cooker honey sesame chicken with rice and vegetable

chicken fajita salad with home made refried beans

slow cooker pulled BBQ chicken sandwich with cilantro cole slaw

fried cauliflower, herbed rice and green beans

hamburger patties, rice, vegetable

For a full shopping list, check out my 19 AUG Weekly Menu

Weekly meal plan

Weekly meal plan


Linking up over at Menu Plan Monday

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Weekly Menu July 22

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As I’m trying to get back into the swing of  planning my weekly menu, I’m dealing with a couple of adjustments. At this duty station, we’ve had to find a house off the installation so my husband won’t be coming home for lunch. Between the expense of eating out and his attempts to be a little healthier we’re trying out packed lunches. I’m considering it practice since my little guy will be starting full day school in August.  This means me preparing the lunches…and him remembering to BRING them. That’s been a big, fat FAIL in the past. So we’ll see how it goes. At the same time, I’m learning new grocery stores (and still haven’t made it down to Costco).

**reminder: I pick a couple of breakfasts and lunches each week and alternate as I want to along with leftovers.**


hard boiled eggs and fruit (cantaloupe and berries this week)

breakfast quesadilla


Salad with leftover protein

Meat Rollups with fresh veggies

Chinese chicken salad

Left over Creamy Vegetable, Chicken and Tomato Soup


Easy Chicken Soup (with rice for my bottomless pit of a husband)

Breakfast for dinner: eggs, sweet potato hash, and banana (no grain) pancakes

Slow Cooker Cashew Chicken with carrot noodles

leftover night

Cauliflower Crust Pizza

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Getting back to Meal Planning

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Meal planning is the first step back to our routine! Just trying to keep it clean….

During this move I’ve both enjoyed and been tortured by my minimal meal planning during this move. On the one hand, I just wasn’t worrying about it. On the other hand, I hate scrambling for a meal at the end of the day and all the eating out and grocery store convenience food has caused a little weight gain, a bit of bloating and a whole lot of not feeling so well. Not to mention my munchkin has been acting like a wild thing which I KNOW is connected to the processed food and lack of  a routine.

Today, we knocked out a couple of really important errands:

  1. Getting new tags for my car (we’ve been down to a one car household because I totally missed that my Rover’s tags expired mid-move)
  2. Grocery shopping!! We headed to the commissary on post to do some serious grocery shopping.


I’ve made a point with this move to seriously clean up my pantry. We’ve maintained a reasonably “clean” kitchen for the last two years and have slowly made our every day eating more and more healthy. But bits and pieces of the “Standard American Diet” would sneak in. Largely either by or at the request of my husband. He’s coming around and taking what he puts in his body more seriously, so that’s helping.

Back to the menu planning- I could tell I was out of practice this morning when it took me an hour to plan a half week of meals. I’m trying to get back onto my schedule of meal planning and grocery shopping although I’m going to have rearrange a bit around furlough-related commissary closures.

*about half of our lunches are leftovers and each week I plan on two or three breakfasts and rotate them*


hard boiled eggs and fruit

fruit with almond crumble

Saturday Brunch: eggs, sweet potato hash and homemade pork sausage patties


salad in a jar

turkey and veggie roll ups



Crockpot Tex Mex Carnitas

Lemon Garlic Chicken with Couscous

Creamy Chicken, Vegetable, and Tomato Soup

Shrimp with Brussels Sprouts and Sausage

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Weekly Menu 5/27

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Having the holiday Monday made this week flow a little strangely. Mainly because my husband and son were home and Monday is usually the day I do a lot of my meal prep. So…that’s happening on Tuesday this week!


I don’t plan lunches and dinners in our Weekly Menu- life just isn’t that predictable. Instead, I pick two of each and just rotate them during the week.



Scotch Eggs

Yogurt with berries


Butternut Squash Soup (I make this one day and store the rest in serving size jars for the rest of the week)

Mediterranean Chicken Salad



cilantro burgers on green salad

tangy country ribs with cilantro lime slaw

crockpot fajitas with cauliflower tortillas

easy weeknight stirfry

spicy paprika chicken breast with roasted veggies

slow cooker pot roast with carrots and leeks



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Weekly Menu 1 Jan 13

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I’m starting this week’s Menu on Tuesday because of New Year’s.

We’re expecting a nasty mix of snow and rain so we’ll be staying in. Plus, ArmyMan’s got so big on crowds and fireworks anyway.

ArmyMan has buckled down with his weightlifting which had an unexpected side effect: he’s hungry. All.the.damn.time.

I’ve had to adjust focus a bit with my menus. We’ve added back beans and potatoes. Definitely sticking with a gluten-free plan. It just makes too much of a difference. We’re also going to keep dairy to a minimum- probably limited to yogurt, butter and some cottage cheese.

My goal for January is to completely eliminate wheat products, go easy on fruits, get all my water in, and plan my meals and shopping so that eating right isn’t a source of stress.

This week’s meals include White Chicken Chili, Pork Tenderloin, and a fabulous Huevos Rancheros made with home made refried beans. My menu pdf includes the menu, ingredient list, how I prepare ahead, and recipes!





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